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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nihanya Singh

Nihanya singh-Me a web desining n stock trading student.I m the only 1 unique person of my mom n dad.My mother is social worker.My father is buisnessman-a jewellery showroom owner.I love ma honda city car.Sometimes i go crazy n drives too fast.
Me a great thief can steal what i like from b alert..
Nihanya-The beauty with mind..
A=Always love her self

N=No body can say No
I am the author of my life.No one can change me.If you don't like the way I am.Then I am sorry you have to deal with it.
I have an attitude and I know how to use it..
I may not be the best but you never find like me,I bet.
I born to rule the world,not to be ruled by the world.
Nihanya singh is a perception,If you think you r exception,then you might be very Good suggestion.
Haters make me so popular as they can't tolerate my success..
Don't compare ur current GirlFriend with Nihanya singh
Boz it is fact that
Some beauties r born without mind.
It is scientifically proved by NASA n USA FDA that Nihanya can make a fool person to wise...
Let's see the Experiment...
...It is saying "Wen sm1 points towards Moon,Fool always look at the Finger..
Now replace the Moon with Nihanya...
Now those PPL look only at Nihanya Singh.....
when Ppl try to find out who is hot personality on Facebook by Google..
There is Warning: Please don't expect Nihanya singh's name here as our Engine can't tolerate too hot things..we are under maintainence sorry for inconvenience...
when sm1 misspell nhanya on Google..It doesn't show"Did you mean Nihanya".It shows "You still have chance to save your life".
Once Nihanya kicked Shri kant,Now PPL called him Rajni kant.
Once upon a time BABA RAMDEV eyed on Nihanya...
No prize for guessing what happend after that...
He is still practicing Yoga to correct his eye..
I believe in stay free secure in my life..
Would you dare to believe in it ?
when my friend go to suicide from a mountain..they returned afta reaching in the middle of mountain by thinking that if Nihanya will be there..she can kick me really from there..
Good may be Good but it is excellent to be bad like Nihanya singh.
Always believe in God bcoz Friends like nihanya can't b searched by Google.