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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nihanya's Personal Diary

I must hv done ny kinda sin by which God seperated me frm its part..I born with cryin..n ppl r smiling.I cant understand y they r smiling..My dad Nihal n Mom Tanya became very happy n proud parents..then..Nihanya is not a common name which parents give to their child..even ppl neva heard of this kinda's a combination of name of my dad Nihal n mom i m their love-Nihanya..My mom n Dad gv me all love of this universe..then I came to know its not my sins ..its ma good deeds of ny past tht i hv this kinda parents n i m proud of them...I m briilliant student in ma student life..I m good @ all kinda subject..I m good @ mathematics d subject which every1 hate..I hv ability of analysing data quickly n also predict abt tht..I m four times in merit list of National Mathematics Olympiad Contest (N.M.O.C.)findin maself d weaker sex of society,I was sad..bcoz i wan to hv life like a Gladiator..In ma childhood I fond of comics-Dhruva,Tosi,Phantom,Nagraj,Bankeylal,chandamama n list goes on..So i hv very good imagination I made maself too strong for nykinda situation..Ma parents n Mom r very intelligent,they always teach me how to behave with this outerworld..bole to Duniyadari ki baatein..I also learnt Martial arts for ma self defence,I can gv tough comptition to two ppl lonely..I was good in ny kinda indoor sports..I m good @ chess also..I played too much video games in ma I don't like it..I ate too much choclate,cakes etc. in ma childhood Now I dont like it..In college I bunk ma classes mostly to hv fun with frns..I cleared B.A. with 60%.Now I fed up of this kinda life n dont wan to join ny kinda college..I hv less too good frns ,I trust only on them..I found society is not good for girls,every1 wan to rule over them...but i m born to rule not ruled by ny1..I practiced Yoga for two years..Ma mind became too sacred ..even i tink ny kinda bad..i felt maself as a culprit in ma eyes..I used to sleep in yoga nindra in which u slept but ur mind is enchanting ur lord mantra..this kinda sleep gv full rest to body n day I was on ma roof in evenin..n watching vehicles movin on the road..everything was fine n ma vision also good..suddenly everything became invisible to me ,I felt maself out of this world..I felt ma body scattered in atoms...I m in this universe..n universe is in me..wt was the experience it I hv no words to describe it was horrible or outstanding amazing experience..Afta tht I left Yoga forevea is true too much of everything is bad..I do yoga but not tht kinda tht i used to do in past..Whatever i do,.I do with free mind..I neva hv fear of ny1 in ma life..n can't hv due to strong family background..whatever i wan frm ma parents they hv ability to gv me in no time..After all i m their lonely lovein this world..wen i started using comp..i bcm good in it..I remind of fightin pakistani hacker group silverlords..I learnt web desinin skills..I hv knowledge of everthing little bit..But now i m losing intrest in it day by day..I like currently facebook as i used to like orkut but now i dont use orkut ..i left it..May b sm day I fed up vd fcbook n on tht day i will leave it 4eva..I bcm fond of stock market afta comp..then i bcm good in intra day trading due to ma math skills..I do trading for pocket money only not for makin too much big i m preparing to get powerful position in Govt. administration..n ma days r spendin thinkin of Dreamboy who love me in his whole life..he will protect me all kinda trouble of this i m tired day by day fightin lonely wt i dislike.


╰☆╮Nihanya Singh™╭☆╯


  1. ye toh pada hua hai....

  2. ye toh pada hua hai....
    vishal oza... facebook..
    and great job.... GRAND SALUTE..

  3. Good luck, for your future dear. N right now I can imagine your golden future ;)
    My best wishes are always with you. Take care