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Friday, January 7, 2011

Don't mess vd me

Once upon a time Shrikant mess with me..
I kicked Shrikant..
Now ppl called him Rajnikant..
Once upon a time Salman khan mess with me..
I kicked him..
No prize for guessing where..
He is still bachelor...
Once upon a time Osama laden mess with me..
I kicked him..
No prize for guessing where..
Now PPL called him Osama bin laden....
Once upon a time BABA RAMDEV eyed on Nihanya...
No prize for guessing what happend after that...
He is still practicing Yoga to correct his eye..
Why Rajni kant always leave chair in front of Nihanya ?
because he is shocked to lose his hair due to Nihanya. No more risk..he wanted..
----------------------- Rajnikant becomes Bald?
Some one asked him Rajni ji please tell Nihanya's next status update..He torn his hair on head but can't guess....
next status update ..........
once Rajnikant proud of himself and then make a blunder of touching Nihanya singh. Then Nihanya's friends caught him and beat him badly by saying that we are not died yet.Hamare hote huye.They make him bald and blackened his face. Rajinkant still bald...
Once upon a time Rajan kant showed me midfinger..
I became pregnant instantly..
Now its ma turn to show him midfinger..
Wen i showed him midfinger..
He delivered the baby immediately..
Since tht day ppl called him Rajnikant..
Q.Why Yamraj is always riding on Bhaisa..
Ans.Chitraguptchar leaks the secret tht Nihanya kicked shrikant turned Rajnikant,osama laden turned osama bin laden and salman is still bachelor..
So yamraj is always riding on Bhaisa..
Bole to yamraj hamesha Bhaise par chada rahta hai us din se...
Once upon a time Khali mess with me..
I kicked him...
He is still walking lamely....

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