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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ma secret politics of makin 5000 frns in less than 30 days on facebook

New Trick

Join "best liker adding group", likers adding group, best adding group etc. on facebook & post there add me....You will get a lot of friend of the link of tht kind of group is given below

join tht group which has a lot of members...facebook keep on deleting such groups due to policy violation..
In tht kind of group you can make 100 to 200 friends per day

Old trick
Nihanya's politics to make 5000 frns in less than 30 days on facebook

1.There r two ways 1.fake id 2.Real id

In fake id u should use famous personality name like hrithik,shahrukh etc.they r lot of fake profile in facebook

which r running on th...eir name n makin frns in short time.In fake id ppl r using porn pics of Gals to make frns faster.

If you wan to make frnd by this way plz dont read further.just make fake profile do in ur own way

2.Real id-this way is for wise ppl who r gud nf to impress ppl by their wisdom.If you wan to follow this way u r welcome

everything is written for u below here.

2.Know yourself wre u stand,know ur guts,analyse urself, You shud be allrounder in everysubject,every field bole toh basic knowledge

of everything.

3.Write ur profile in this way describing ur personality,the matter shud not be copied,it shud be original to impress ppl.Neva heard by ppl.

Make ur Album of ur intrest.

4.If u r not gettin response on fb,u shud like everything ppl status,album etc. so tht ppl notice who r u?Send ur frn request to mutual frns till

fACbook start sayin u cant send more request.Wen u comment on ny1 status always like opposite sex comments who r not ur frns.then they vl sen u frn req.

5.Make frnship vd old ppl who r writer,belongs to ny political group,shayar etc.who hv more than 1000 frns.

They ppl always make fun of great ppl.PPl who r in their frnlist bored of them but unable to xpress.Mess vd them

for givin true reason,they will b irritated n mess vd u for 3-4 comments..they hv only power of commentin 3-4 comments

against u. You will b out of their list as they will delete u.But ppl who see messin u vd right cause, appericiate u.

They will become ur frns by sendin u request, no matter they dont like ur comments @tht status bt they like u.

See the old ppl who deleted u like a kuda kabada for u bcoz he never likes ur status n never comment on ur status.

So its a waste in ur frnlist.But messin vd him Gv u true frns who like u n gv comments.:prrrrr

6.Make frns shayar who hv more than 1000 frns unki bakwaas shayri karne ki aadat hoti hai..Wo apne status me shayri hi dalenge.

Put ur shayri comments in this way ppl like ur shayri than his status.Bole toh aisi shayri karo ki unke status ki zhand

ho jaye..or abusive bhi na ho..or log uske status ko leave kar tumhare comment ko like kare.

See the xample..Shayar status-Rishta hai hamara,koi Dahleez nahi jise aapne thokar maar di..

Nihanya comment-Thokar maar di humne har us Rishte ko jiski koi Dahleez nahi,Jaakar kah do apne chahne walo se jinhe koi tameez nahi..

7.Dont forget to wish ppl on their birthday.Wish ppl on their wall n see d wall their r many ppl wishin him/her.If u r boy then like gal's

comments wishin him if u r gal then like boy comments wishin him hapy b'day.Bcoz d ppl who wish him/her felt irritated if the b'day boy/gal

dont like his/her wish..if u like it they will become ur frns by sendin u request..

8.PPL on facebook keep on taggin u on bakwaas pics/notes u will start hvin notification in vein wenever u get notification if ny1 comment

his/her comment..He/she will send u frn request vdout doin ny kinda effort.In this way u can take revenge.The owner of tht pic will end up

losin his/her frnds to you.ha ha..

9.Post ur status updates should be original neva heard by ppl or status should be of ppl's intrest.they will like it sure n gv their comments.

10.Mess vd bad ppls for your honour if u r a gal mess vd bad tht good boys notice who is this amazing brave gal..they will send u frn request..

If u r boy then mess vd bad gals who u think is fake id the gals vd fake id always use porn pics,video etc.mess vd them the good gals in his frnlist

vl become ur frns in notime.If tht gal remove u then dont mind bcoz it is sure fake id operated by boy.dont feel sad.

Note-Neva fight on ur staus as it is not useful in ny way..If u fight on other status..The notification of this fighting went to all his/her frnds,they

will become ur frns..

11.Post good video songs which r hit or ppl 4get it n u remind by postin tht..Make ur notes impressive by mentionin amazing moments of ur life like happiness,

sadness etc.PPL always like truth of life..

12.Hv a knowledge of everyday importance if ny Great Freedom fighter bday or Guru b'day fall on tht day then post a post abt them show ur respect 4 him.

In the end best of luck thts ma politics of makin 5000 frns in less than 30 days....ha ha..I just wana to say u shud hv mind blowin personality bole toh haazirzawab..ha ha


  1. NIce ideas for making friends i am sure gonna follow it.
    thanks sweetheart Nihanya

  2. Hey niha its really nice idea to make frens. thnx