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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

IIIrd page-full of sins

Confession of ma sins

Ma life full of sins.I have done lot of sins in ma life so I want to confess it in front of all friends.

In ma childhood I killed lot of creatures whatever I remind I want to share with you.

When I was kid I killed lot of flies n kankhajoora.

Whenever I see house flies n kankhajoora they are instantly killed by me in brutual manner.

I killed lot of lizards whenever I killed them I feel proud.

I used to steal eggs from sparrows nest to see how it is.I catch a lot of sparrows child from their nest

by thinking that i will make them pet but they are died due to hunger n rejected by parents.

I remeber the incident when i touch a pigeon egg when pigeon was not present.When pigeon came,pigeon took the egg in park n break it.

Pigeon rejected the egg bcoz of ma touch I dont know how pigeon came to know about that.I read they rejected their eggs if found foul play.

A lot of sparrows child are died as I snatched them from their parents.I llistened somewhere who breaks the sparrows nest cant be happy in life.

I am still not happy in ma life.I remember a incident when I killed a girgit with ma frns.I told them foolish the girgit capture our images in her eyes.

So leaving her alive can kill us.So we have to kill her.I killed her with a help of a brick before dying she laid eggs then I came to know she was pregnant.

Alas all were dead becoz of me.I caught a lot of butterflies with the help of ma racket.Their wings r damaged due to touching they cant fly again.

When I see two joined butterflies I think they r twins.I caught them.later I came to know they r mating @tht time.Alas they r killed by me.

I caught a lot of fish from ponds in dilshad Garden area where I think Rajiv Gandhi superspeciality hospital is situated now.I caught fish with the help of

earthworm.I put them bottle of water.they are killed afta sometime as i dropped the bowl of aata in bottle so that they can eat it.Later I came to know that

bcoz of it oxygen is out fast from water.I caught a lot of tadpoles which are swimming like a fish in water.All they are died because of me.

I killed a lot of mosquitoes in ma life.I burnt them alive with the help of candle while i found them sitting on wall.I killed a lot of mating pair of mosquioes

as they were lookin big mosquito.I still killed them

if they are singing a song in ma ear or try to bite me.I killed a lot of rats.I rembered the incident when a rat is hiding behind the carrom board

i kicked the board the rat died afta takin few jumps in air.One day I saw a lot of ants changin their homes with their eggs I killed them instantly

as i want to finish them.I killed a lot of cockroaches in ma life.I broke the three bee hive by throwing a stone on it.In ma village I caught a lot of

Tattaiyas n broke their nest n took out their white child.I killed a lot.I killed a lot of fly dragon I used to tie them with a thread n make them to fly.

I killed a lot of creatures n insects .I dont remember how many..But wheneva i Killed them I fell ill as God punish me for ma deed.

I want to change ma past n want to get rid of it but cant.I still regret of ma deeds n I feel sorrow for it.

I know as parental property we get without any effort.. as this sins can go to ma future generation as parental sins.

I am not still happy in ma life because of these sins they chased me everywhere n becomes nightmare for me.

Perhaps God will forgive me for ma sins..:(I deserve not to be forgiven in ma eyes by God.:( But I will try ma best to get rid of these sins in ma lifetime.....

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