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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nihanya in words of Mandeep


By : Mandeep Singh Aasiya

1.A Little About The Story
2.How I Know Nihanya
3.Who Is Nihanya
4.Queen Of Her Dreams
5.Chipku Author
6.If Nihanya was A Rose in A Garden
7.When Nihanya Become An IAS Officer
8.Me And Love
9.The Day When Nihanya was SAD
Author’s Intro

A Little About The Story

Hey! Nihanya how's u? I'm fine here and know that u will too. As u know that I am writing a story on you.
This is first part and in this I write a brief intro of story and what I wrote for u. In this story I made an imaginary character "Bhaiyaji”. They are my friend and I am telling about you to them. And Bhaiyaji is so excited to know about YOu.
Second n third contents are simple and in them i m just write how i find u on net and who is u
(in ma way). I made a pretty conversation between me and Bhaiyaji.
Fourth part,in this I made a dream for u and take u on a short ride. I hope u will enjoy this journey. I love this part and if u gives me lift then I want to with u in your dream. U can't imagine it.
Fifth part, as by name 'Chipku Author' it is about me. In this I write two moments of my life. One is firstly happy then sad and another was firstly sad and then horrible. Horrible it’s not means that I meet to a ghost. But this is funny for you. Pls don't tell this to anyone. Why? U will know it, after reading.
Sixth part “If u are a rose in a garden” it is about your life-circle as a rose.
Seventh part, it’s a funny story in this u is an IAS officer and what I am ..........not telling u now. You have to check this.
Eighth part, it is about me and my die heart enemy LOVE.
Ninth part, you are living at a cold place and u r in love with a boy. It’s about your love life. In this I also use your friend’s power.
Tenth part its author's intro because at the good story's end reader want to know about writer.
This story is only for u. But I write three contents on me but they r also for u to make u laugh and to bring a sweet smile on your gorgeous face.

How I Know Nihanya

(I and Bhaiyaji are sitting in my garden in the evening. They belong from Bihar and they are married. Bhaiyaji was also huge fan of hindi so they talk in hindi . Conversation is start from here.)
Me: Are you ready to know about her, Bhaiyaji?
Bhaiyaji:Amma meya tum bhi kamal karte ho puri mahabharat khatam ho gai or puchte ho Arjun kon tha?
Me: I am just joking. Why are you getting angry? I am telling you now, na.
Bhaiyaji: Jaldi bataiye wo kya he na hamre pass samay ki thodi kami h. Ghar se tumhare Bhabhi ne sabji lane ke liye bheja tha. Agar der ho gai to wo hamari khatiya khadi kar degi.
On Friday I am searching “shayris” on net and I found her blog. I read her blog’s every page.
After that I was totally shocked that what a superb girl Nihanya, Beautiful, Rocking, Gorgeous, Lovely, Mind-blowing and Sweet.
I thought for a while then search her on facebook and msg her my feeling about her Bhaiyaji: kya message kiya?
Me: I told u this later.
Now “who is nihanya in my way?”

Who Is Nihanya

Me: Nihanya is a beautiful and lovely lioness who says herself “Goddess of Sins” but even “Goddess” was feared of gone away from her friends and why not feared? Because friends are her life andNo-one can live without his life.
She always says that God throw her from hell and get bed feeling but I want to say her that God throw us on earth to get something which is sent from heaven and to make someone’s life heaven.
She is always became queen in her dream. She make our moments to memories .She is like sun set’s red light Which we wants always stay present there in our life.
I am so scared that if she doesn’t like it then I can’t imagine what she can do with me. But I am still writing it because I want to write some words in her respect, for her and to impress her.
Bhaiyaji: Impress her, ha ha ha
Me: I am knows that it is so difficult thing because she knows everything and she can imagine our thoughts. But I want to impress her.
Bhaiyaji : Nhi hogi.
Me:Yes. She is.

Bhaiyaji:Shart laga lijiye humha re sath wo nhi hogi.
Me: ok,
Bhaiyaji:Ek-ek cup tea ki.
Me: I will agree for this but I don’t know if Bhabhiji beat u for this when I won.
Bhaiyaji: Tum phikar mat karo tea hum bana lege.Ha agar hum jite to hum biscuit bhi lege or wo bhi 50-50.
Me: ok fine, what ever your choice 50-50 or 20-20.
Now I tell u a dream of “Queen of Her Dreams”

Queen Of HER Dreams

One day she is sitting in her room suddenly all walls are broken by vines and her room was fill from sun lights. She looks outside the walls she found there was a forest which is extremely beautiful and incredible and.
Then millions of butterflies are come in her room and sit on her body and lift her in the air. They took her out of the room and take her above the forest.
She is smiling and looks excited because she is so happy to make friendship with them and what is going to happen next. Now she is flying in that forest and going through trees.
At the end of forest, there was a sea. They drop her at the beach of sea. She said good bye to butterflies and look at the pure blue water of sea.
Then she goes under the water, seeing the hidden beauty of ocean, small fishes, pretty lights of star fishes and marine habitats.
After some time she see two Dolphins coming to her. They swim around her. Then she came on the surface of the sea with them. Dolphins are starting jumping. She is look so excited.
She said that she can’t believe that she can also jump like Dolphins.
After play and swimming for some time.
Now she is just stop at the edge of sea water, the place is like a big waterfall and she standing straight there. Her eyes are on the Dolphins and she fall down from there.
She said that she feels like a south hero which can do everything and her hairs are flying like a supersonic jet.
Then a big bird came and takes her on his back. Now she is riding bird. She goes near to an airplane and she sit on it’s a side wing.
A young boy was seeing her through the window and she is also seeing him and she gives him a smile, boy was shocked that what he sees today.
Then she jump on nears cloud. On clouds she is sk8ting and jumping on one to other and she is playing ice-hockey with love birds on them.
A beautiful angel come to her give her a stick and say you can make rainbows by this.
She little smiles and starts making rainbows. She made rainbow in every direction and make the sky beautiful and colourful.
It looks like she painting on a canvas but here canvas was sky.
Then she slipping on a rainbow which is like her home’s ladders’ relaying. She came to ground in a forest.
When she stands up and turns back she sees a lion is there and which is coming towards her. She scared what is going to be happening with her. But lion came to her and said are u like to take part in a motogipi race?
She said motogipi race in this forest, it’s not possible.
Lion say pls sit on my back and I make it possible for u.
She sits on his back and lion start running and takes her to a free field where other animals are present and waiting for her.
Then race start they are running to a rock where sun is going to set. It’s seems like they running to catch the sun.
The red light of sunset is falling in her face and she looks glorious.
After this race, in the night lion drop her near a pound. She inter in the pound and she sleep straight on the outer surface of water and her
Both hands are supporting her head and they use like her pillow.
Now she is watching the stars in sky and thinking about her nice day.
Then millions of lighting bugs are came in the sky they making designs which she is thinking in her mind, firstly they say hello to nihanya , then make ice-cream cone, face of her best friend ,a rose , she beating her class teacher, a rabbit and her dream boy and lastly her mother’s face.
Then a voice heard which was of her mother and saying Nihanya getup fast you are getting late for the school.
Bhaiyaji: kya sapna dekhate h wo muje laga me bhi waha par hu.okey ji ab hume ghar jana hoga. Baki ki kahani kal sunuga.

Me:But pls came on time.
Me:Nihanya. Now I tell u about “Chipku Author”

ChipKu AuthOR

May be you thinking that I am a faltu and chipku kind person who interfering in your life and trying to be close to you, but good things like you come when you least expect them so l don't really mind .
It is also possible that you are thinking that I am an ugly, always damped and a geek boy.
But I am totally different from this I am a 6.2 fit toll, (actually it is 6.15 but 6.2 is easy to say) cute, handsome and funny boy. I don’t wants to do my praise .So I write my life‘s two moments for you.
One day I am coming home from my college in a city bus. There was a girl in the bus who watching me for the entire journey times it is about 10 minute.
When my stop was coming near me stand-up and goes to gate .She also came there and stand right besides me. On my stop she also left bus. She came to me and give her phone no.
I call her; she says she wants to friendship with me. She is pretty and beautiful girl and doing MBBS so I say yes to her. Now we are now on phone all the time of day and sending msges each other.
She was so happy to being with me and I am also happy. But after about a month she acts like she going to leave me.So I wrote a love letter for her and send her. But she stops talking with me.
When I ask why then she said that you , your love and your every time thinking about me these scared me that when you are not in my life then how can I live .So is better to spilt now because less memories are easy to forget.
“Kuch jayda keh diya na usne “ I also think this and told her you are stupid and mad, no need to made these kind of silly and childish reasons , if you want to leave then you have to go ahead because I don’t like this that you are mentally not in my side.
After that I never meet her as her wish. It is a sad story and bad part of my life because she plays with my love and feeling.
And now I am telling you horrible story, horrible ....................................................
But before this you have to promise me that you not laugh on me because it’s funny for you but it’s so horrible for me.
I think you promise me.
One day I was waiting for my bus. A car stopped in front of me. A man was driving the car; he looks about 30 to 40 year old man. He asks me an address. I answered him and give direction of the way.
Then he asked where are you going?
Am I dropping you there?
He was going near to my home so I say yes to him. And sit inside the car.
After some time he starting taking to me and asked me my name, what I am doing, about my college and family, then he ask me
Is you have girlfriend? And I said no him then he said why you not have, you are so handsome and smart boy.
And he put his hand on my knee and also locks the doors.
I closed my eyes and think what happen with me now, how I over come from this problem, and beta aaj to tere lag gayi, you also said him that you not have girlfriend.
I take away his hand and I told him that I am engaged .He said you are telling lies to me because you not have ring in your finger.
I thought what you are doing mandeep. Don’t scared from him, he can’t do anything bed with you.
(I know you are laughing. This is bed. You are breaking your promise. )
I said him to stop the car. He says what happen. I said him that I know what you want from me, pls stop the car. He says what is problem in this.
I said what problem is not there in this, everything is problem.
Stop the car, if you not then I starting fighting with you and may be it lads to your car’s accident.
He said okay don’t be angry now I am not talking about this.
I am so angry on god because he gives me a bad day of this type.
After some time he said do you not do this with your friends?
I abuse him. And said now if you say anything from for your dirty mouth I will broke this. Either shut-up your mouth or stops the car and opens the doors.
Then he stops car and seeing contineousely me, smiling and thinking something.
I said open the door. But he doesn’t say anything and not do any reaction.
Then I decided to call my friend to come here. I bring out my phone from pocket and start dialling friend no.
He said no need to call anybody I am opening the doors.
Then he opened the doors. I came out from the car and note his car no. Said him you are not safe. One day I will come to your home kill you. Then he goes away from there.
Then I take big and big breath. After some time I am start crying and my eyes is fill from tears. I am thinking why God do this to me.
But life is goes on and on, good and bad memories are both part of it.
Summery is that now these days boys are also not safe in this world. I hope you enjoy it pls don’t told about this to anyone.
Next day.
Me:Bhaiyaji, you are come so early what happen.
Bhaiyaji: wo tumre bhaibhi se ladai ho gai h.
Me: why?
Bhaiyaji:wo chahti thi ke hum pahle bartan dhoye phir kanha banaye lekin hum pahle khana banana chahte the.
Me:It’s so bad. Bahut peta hoga na aapko.
Bhaiyaji: Ha. Par ab to hume adat ho gai h. Tum to aage ki kahani batao humne thoda guess lagaya he ki aage kya hoga or hume ye janne ke bahut jaldi ho rahi h ki hum kaha tak sahi h.
Me: do you remember what next part is?
Bhaiyaji: Ha. “If Nihanya was A Rose in A Garden”.
Me: So, Now I start.

If Nihanya was A Rose in A Garden

Me: There was a little girl Gloria. She is live in a small village with her family. She loves to do gardening. One day . . . . . . . . . . (sorry)

SoRRy Nihanya
Sorry Nihanya i am not able to complete the story on 20 bcoz i have to go my home to attend a marriage of my cousin brother. And take about 15 to 20 days to comeback.
There no net connection, so think I have to send this incomplete story.
Pls give me sorry. I feel bad for this.
And I will try making the next part better.
The themes of the next contents are
6. If Nihanya was a rose in a garden
In this a little girl Gloria finds a book “Love Story of Black and Red rose” while digging the ground for plants new roses in her garden. The book is base on you in a fiction word there only plants, trees, flower and the queen of this world a beautiful red rose means you.
7. When Nihanya Become AN IAS OFFICER
In this you are an IAS officer and I am your house’s gate guard.
8. The Day when Nihanya was sad
This story is inspired by Oscar Wild’s story “THE NIGHTINGLE AND THE ROSE”
In this I convert the story’s characters and a little extend and introduce your friend a angle VERONIKA to help you for get the your love.

I am always with you to make your life more beautiful like a good friend.

Pls give a smile i am going to take a photograph of you
Ye wali nhi give a good one
Ha that is right which i want
Okey pls hold it for a while
Yes it done
it is your nice one
I will send it you later.
Okay bye tc and live happy.


  1. i admire the writer.
    i think this is the best thing one can do for a fren.


  2. awesome story inspiring....just like you......m glad k i read it......i know k its your story only....awwwwwww poor guy...

    chotu chaiwala

  3. Superb! I appreciate your imagination dear. and curiously waiting for the completion of your story (specially for the seventh point).... Pls pls pls complete soon ;)